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Government Treasury Bond Trading


Product Description

  • Products Types: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and 5 years
  • Interest Payment: semi-annual coupon paid each 15 May and 15 November
  • Fees to uab securities: Zero Commission
  • Settlement: T+2

Account Opening

To open a security trading account, please enquire at uab securities head office or uab branches within office hours

Individual Account

individual account

  1. Copy of NRC Card
  2. Copy of Personal Bank Passbook 
  3. Application Form

Download Here

Corporate Account

  1. Copy of Company Registration
  2. Board of Directors Resolution (must include Data of Authorized Person(s), Company Bank Account No and Email Address)
  3. Copy of NRC of Authorized Person(s)
  4. Company Seal
  5. Copy of Company Bank Passbook
  6. Copy of memorandum of association and articles of association, or constitution
  7. Application Form

Download Here

gt-investHow to invest Treasury Bond

  • Investor who likes to purchase T Bond has to open securities trading account in uab securities.
  • Uab securities shall issue its own Certificate for the investor on their purchase amount.

Way to invest Treasury Bond

Primary Market
1st Client has to review at CBM web site for T Bond Information.
2nd uabsc inform client for amount to deposit.
3rd Client to submit order form.
4th Client to deposit the required amount to client trading account by uabsc.
5th uabsc to submit the bid from to CBM.
6th Confirmation for bidding information.
7th Issue certificate to client (if success)


Secondary Market
1st Client offer to buy T Bond of any amount filled by order form
2nd uabsc give confirmation to customer  T Bond.
3rd Client to deposit required cash amount to trading bank account.
4th uabsc issue certificate to client.
5th Semi-annual coupon is deposited to client trading account by uabsc.
6th Investment principle amount will be paid to customer at maturity.